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Ron Fripp

Hello, my name is Ron Fripp. I'm the owner of Extreme Fitness and Phoenix Performance Fitness Center in addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with 15 years experience in Health and Fitness. Born in West Palm Beach, Florida I grew up playing sports and participating in many events that required physical conditioning. I always knew one day that I would pursue a career in the medical or fitness industry.

Upon graduation from High School, I attended College on a baseball scholarship. After suffering a baseball career ending injury, I turned to the military to advance my career and educational dreams.

I joined the Air Force with the hope of becoming a member of the Special Tactics Team. The following two years would prove to be the hardest endeavor I had ever pursued in my life. In order to be the best and earn my way into the Special Operations Community, I would have to accomplish life-changing feats. After two years of push-ups, running, climbing, and military freefall, I earned the honor to wear the maroon beret. This is where I found that I had a great gift for physical training and endurance building. Helping other people achieve their goals has become my passion. I enjoyed the last 8 years of my military service, serving my country during a time of war and defending our nation's freedom. I have performed several special operations missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq, being deployed from various locations around the world. The physical demands of my career reinforced the importance of physical training and conditioning.

During my military career, I opened my personal training company Extreme Fitness. I have been in business for the last 7 years and have trained numerous people on how to achieve their personal fitness goals. I have since then opened my first 17,000-sq/ft-fitness center, Phoenix Performance Fitness Center in Panama City, FL. I designed a very unique program after being asked the same question numerous times, "How do you hold your size, speed, and strength?" I thought long and hard about this question only to develop a program that will revolutionize the fitness industry. The program is called P.A.S.S (Power, Agility, Speed, and Strength). The goal is to always "PASS" the competition by working harder than they do! The program was designed for the mom that might find the need to save her child from a rip current all the way to the Special Forces member that might need to drag an injured teammate to safety.

Our diverse clientele includes: Clinically Obese Clients, Professional Baseball Players, Hawaiian Tropic Models, Amateur Body Builders, Professional Boxers, Fitness Competitors, Figure, and Military Special Operations Soldiers. My die-hard dedication to perfection and motivation has revolutionized the industry, as we know it. Our innate ability to read people and push them past their personal comfort zone to achieve their goals separates us from the rest!

"Without Sacrifice There's NO Change"

Email: rfripp@phoenixpfc.com
Phone: (850) 481-0728


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