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Phoenix Performance Fitness Center Personal Trainers

Randy Aikens

Hello, my name is Randy Aikens. I am a certified personal trainer with several years of experience in strength and conditioning. I am a Northwest Florida native and I grew up playing sports such as track and field, weightlifting and football.

Currently I am a member of the United States Air Force and it was my service that re-kindled my interest in lifting weights. Initially I trained as a hobby, and only had strength and size in mind. I eventually realized that bigger doesn't always mean better and began adding more variety to my routines. Transitioning from getting "big" to training for overall conditioning has been a key turning point in my life. I have gone from lifting weights as a hobby to adopting a lifestyle that revolves around training. It is my every intention to share my "lifestyle" with you the client with purpose of reaching your personal goals!

* Certified Physical Training Leader USAF
* NFPT Certified Personal Trainer # 34982

Email: raikens@phoenixpfc.com
Phone: (850) 896-9998


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